feedback mattersWe call it feedback not complaints because, in Noukhada, we like to aim that we get more compliments than complaints and more strawberries than raspberries.  

Our feedback policy is here g3 – nac feedback policy

If you want to complain or blow a raspberry at us, please let us know by phone (02 558 1889) or email before going public on Social Media, it’s just polite.  As they say, “Face it.  Don’t Facebook it”.  If you do give us feedback it really does help us if you tell us when the good or bad thing happened, which Noukahada staff were involved and what tour or activity it was.  We can then either praise the staff or improve on what went wrong.

We are on TripAdvisor but, whilst they do not have a robust system for verifying reviews, we are not their greatest fans.  This is the feedback that you do not see…

“Thank you for an excellent service. Kayak and SUP was paid for in cash this morning as discussed.   Thank you again,  Kind regards, ….” May 2017

“…Dear Danny, thank you for creating such an amazing ongoing fileld trip for our kids. It is such an great outing. Today we learned about the wonderful biodiversity of the mangroves, cooperation and so many other critical skills for our young learners. You’ve done a remarkable job organising a fun, educational and sustainable event and I truly appreciate your efforts. Happy National Day Weekend,…Another awesome day of learning and exercise! Thank you, Dani and Noukhada Education!….Thank you everyone for making this such an amazing experience! We always come away with new knowledge and memories of great time with friends. Very grateful to Dani for organizing these amazing events and Noukhada for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to learn, exercise and meet friends!”

“Mark, Noticed the discussion about dealing with hotels. Feel free to call for a chat… I will give you my opinion….For the avoidance of doubt, I am not trying to sell you consulting services. I just really enjoyed the Kayak outings your company organized for us (…) in Abu Dhabi mangroves. Best,….” Sep 2016

“Dear jason. Thank you for the assistance. The trip was awesome and the guide very helpful and nice. I will do it again for sure and iam spreading the words. Regards,….” Sep 2016
“……….That’s amazing – seems to happen amazingly regularly!! We thoroughly enjoyed our kayak through the mangroves – had no idea thy existed on Abu Dhabi’s doorstep! Kind regards, …” Sep 2016


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