We run a number of sessions with schools, colleges and universities and have long lasting repeat business with many Abu Dhabi educational establishments  |  These sessions vary from our: standard mangrove kayak tour; eco tour; after school activities; introduction to basic kayaking, kayaking course; overnighter camping; DoE expedition; and many more  |    Our corporate team building exercises and games can be readily adapted for your needs   |  The Noukhada version of kayak “orienteering” provides a fun platform for learning and testing knowledge  |  Our sessions can be a one off activity, or four mornings in a row, or every Tuesday afternoon (for example) after school, it depends on your needs  |  Currently we run after school sessions for two schools on a Tuesday and Thursday  |  On “Jazeera Noukhada” we have an ongoing, multi level, education project  |  GIS mapped areas allow students to study the soil, plants, fish, birds, crabs, crustaceans on an island only 15 minutes paddling (by kayak) from our Yas Links location  |   They can study mature mangroves and pioneer mangroves and determine what conditions the trees thrive in  |  Students can develop their investigative skills of making and testing hypotheses, observation, manipulating materials and collecting data, as well as interpreting and communicating results  |     Our 3 E’s philosophy (education, exercise, environment) allows us to adapt our activities to put the emphasis on anyone of these and have fun at the same time  |  Don’t take just our word for it, see some of the feedback we have received  |    Noukhada has provided programs for over 40 different educational institutions across three of the seven UAE emirates and from Bahrain  |  The schools are predominately Primary and Secondary schools with one third being universities and other adult educational institutions   |  The school programs ranged from a even mix of grade 3 – 10 students  |   Child protection policy.   |  Contact us for a chat to discuss how we can help you.  Tel 02 558 1889 or email.  |  What are the good reasons for doing these activities? Here are some: healthy activity; low environmental impact activity; environmental friendly activity; working as team; team building; working together; raise awareness to protect the mangroves; raise awareness of the green wetland environment; multi-disciplinary (sport/ sciences/ geography/ geology); fits with wetland studies; fits with coastal erosion studies; fits with mans impact on the environment studies; physical activity; it involves effort; requires listening skills; requires self discipline; outdoors learning; school without walls; challenging; social bonding…oh and did we mention it is fun?!

feedback matters
If you are a teacher or school activity coordinator and have been out with us recently we appreciate your feedback on this surveyThank you in advance.