Kayak tours

Here is a quick run through our various kayak tours  |   In all of these tours you paddle yourself in a single or double kayak. For availability and booking see “Book online”  |   Please note that these prices are our base prices at EMM and that the prices might vary between launchpoints  |    

Tours for those who have never (or have) kayaked before

Mangrove tour 1.5hrs of guided kayaking into the mangroves (“M”) (at high tide (“HT”))  |   Kayak through channels (at mid to HT), over the shallows and, if HT, under the full canopy of the M  |   AED 160 Adults (“A”), AED 130 Children (“C”).  There are always discount offers and, if you look carefully, there is one AED 80 tour (see offers) |    

Eco tour A progression upwards, from the M tour and is suitable for those who want to learn about the ecology of M and can paddle for 2hrs  |   The adventure is suitable for all age groups with the content tailored to suit and is an excellent way to enjoy and understand the unique ecosystem of the M  |   The tour is delivered in a relaxed and informative manner   |   AED 220 A, AED 170 C.  |   Needs to be booked at least 24hrs in advance  |     Kayaking Abu Dhabi Kayak Rental Mangrove safari Mangroves Noukhada

Night light tour 1.5 to 2hrs of guided paddling in and around the M at night  |   With LED lights fixed to the bottom of your kayak you will be able to see the fish and other life at night, under the water  |   AED 210 |  Not suitable for children unless a private tour  |  

Sun set/ sun rise tour The M tour but out of hours to see the sun rise or sunset (but not both!)  |   AED 180 A, AED 130 C  |     

Flooka, evening kayak tour (sun set or night light) followed by dinner  A chance to sample the Eastern M National Park by kayak at the end of the day and then have dinner at Flooka  |   Select your menu from either Menu A or Menu B  |   Only AED 280 or AED 355 (depending on menu selection)  |   Needs to be booked at least 24hrs in advance  |    

BBQ trip An ideal adventure for friends, family and work colleagues to have a social BBQ event that is both relaxing and is a little bit different  |   AED 350  |   Needs to be booked at least 48hrs in advance   |    

Tours for those who have kayaked before

Mystery kayak tour A unique 2hr adventure with the first and last half hr on a powerboat moving you to and from the M  |   In the middle is 1 hr of guided paddling where you kayak through manmade and natural channels, over the shallows of the M  |   This tour cannot take place everyday  |   Guests must have kayaked before  |   AED 200  |   Needs to be booked in advance  |  

Island tour Paddle to nearby islands in the Eastern M off AD island   |   Set foot onto islands and take photos and explore areas only accessible by kayak  |   Guests must have kayaked before  |   AED 250  |  

 Overnighter See separate page. Needs to be booked at least 4 days in advance  |   

Full moon tour The full moon tour sets out, once a month, all through the year and is a great way to go paddling in the summer months  |   This tour is lunar dependent  |   AED 210  |   The adventure is suitable for adults and older children but is not suitable for children under 10 years old  |