This is a half day introduction to kayaking and suitable for complete beginners who have never paddled before and wish to learn the basics of kayaking. The course is managed by a BCU (British Canoe Union) trained guide and will take place in flat calm conditions, in warm weather.

Course contents

The following topics are covered:

  1. Introduction to kayaks and their dynamics (day trippers, sit-on-tops and play boats).
  2. Introduction to paddle dynamics & the importance of using the correct length of shaft and blade shape – the most important piece of equipment we use.;
  3. An overview of the equipment we generally use to include towlines, clothing and calling for help, in case of an emergency.
  4. The Green Code and Access.

Set off for a short trip with a half way stop for snacks and drink. This trip includes a basic introduction to the following strokes; Forward paddling; Forward sweep stroke/on the move; Reverse sweep stroke; Basic assisted recovery as requested; and introduction to the use of a towline.

Participants are made aware of the various resources available such as kayaking schools and more advanced courses and trips to allow them to clock up hours on the water to improve the overall skills and seamanship as well as to develop further skills.

Number of participants: (tbc)

Timing: season dependent

Length of course: 2 hours

Meeting point: Eastern Mangrove Marina or Jubail Island South

Equipment: All equipment included (kayak, paddle, lifejacket, towline)

Snacks and drink: Only water provided.   Please bring own snacks and drinks

Price: AED 450

Current images: photos on Facebook 

What next?

  • Participants can rent kayaks from Noukhada; and
  • Participants can then go on to complete the Introduction to Coastal Sea Kayaking.

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