To those who have not experienced kayaking or the coastal wetlands of Abu Dhabi it is a difficult task to explain the enormous benefits of taking students out of the classroom, out of their normal environment, out of their comfort zone and showing them the reality of these unique eco systems  |   This document attempts to explain, in writing, some of the tours, adventures and projects that schools have, and are, undertaking with their students  |  To see photographs of Noukhada Education please view where the most current projects are followed  |   Noukhada is very pleased to announce the new STEM project with wooden boats.

Noukhada educational program sessions outline



Duration Kayaking Mangrove discovering
Pre session briefing


1-2 hours Indoor presentation at school to prepare customers (teachers and children) prior to the kayaking session. This includes a visual presentation and demo and Q/A session Intro to mangrove eco-system
Introduction to kayaking


1 hour Basic paddling instructions and practice (in the water) to prepare customers (teachers and children) prior to the subsequence kayaking session. This includes a safety paddle brief, practical demo and practice.


Mangrove tour Mini


1.5 hours Reduced distance paddling if weather conditions and skills do not allow full distance paddling


Basic safety requirements

Paddle without assistance

Work as a team

Paddling in the mangrove eco-system
Normal 1.5 hours Paddling for 1.5 hours


Basic safety requirements

Paddle without assistance

Work as a team

Paddling in the mangrove eco-system
ADEC mangrove inquiry   2 hours Paddling for 1 hour in a double kayak.

Basic safety requirements.

Paddle without assistance.

Work as a team.

Short intro to mangroves.

Survey mature or pioneer mangroves using target methodology and upload data and photos on ADEC Ipads.

Eco tour 5 points 2 hours Paddling for 1.5 hours

Outdoor lessons 0.5 hour at 5 stop points


Basic safety requirements

Paddle without assistance

Work as a team

Guided intro to the mangrove eco-system. We can adapt the tour according to school requirements such as adaptation, food web, water resources…


Learning observations skills


2 posters 2 hours Paddling for 1.5 hours

Outdoor lessons 0.5 hour at 2 stop points with informative posters and handouts


Basic safety requirements

Paddle without assistance

Work as a team

Guided intro  to the mangrove eco-system


Learning observations

Bespoke 2.5 hours Custom made Custom made, may include:

  • Survey a mangrove habitat
  • Sampling
  • Analyzing
  • Report writing
  • Working as a team
Eco tour dry 2 hours No kayaking involved A classroom presentation about the mangrove eco-system


Kayak orienteering


2 hours Navigating themselves visually between orienteering markers, where they have to answer questions


Questions can be based on:

  • Mangrove eco-system; or
  • Tailored specifically for your curriculum requirements
After school activities 1 to 2 hours Normally this is 6 to 8 after school sessions based on our intro to basic kayaking course, but can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Camping skills
  • Kayak polo
  • Kayak games
DoE Expedition

“Duke Of Edinburgh”

3 days

2 nights

Details to follow Details to follow
Week without walls 5 days Non residential kayaking activities over a 5 day period based on almost every activity that Noukhada can offer

A unique and fun outdoor experience

Mangrove eco-system activities can be woven into the 5 day period

Abu Dhabi based French school, Lycée Louis Massignon.   We visited the school beforehand to explain about kayaking and the Eco Tour and then two classes CE2, 8 years old came out on the Eco Tour (conducted in French).

Abu Dhabi based international private school.  Overnighter camp for 78 children.  The children kayaked out some 4km to an island where they camped overnight and paddled back the following morning.  The children gained experience in planning, preparation, kayaking, self reliance, team working, cooking, camping and much more.

Abu Dhabi government schools (ADEC).  Some 400 children came out with Noukhada to kayak to an island and undertake an analysis project of the mature and pioneer mangroves.

Dubai based international private school. Ages 12 to 14. Week without walls.  The children travelled down daily from Dubai to take part in a week of kayaking and environmental projects.  The week was based on the introduction to kayaking course and a project entitled ‘What environment do the mangroves of the UAE thrive in?’  The week was based on kayaking and mangroves and encompassed an Eco Tour, the Yas Beach kayak boat tour, the target analysis, games and much more.  Their feedback… ” … I hope you are doing well! As Noukhada Adventure was such a success last year, we would like to offer this option to our students for the following year. Our Week Without Walls program will take place from Feb 19 – 28, 2015 (approximately). In order to start advertising Noukhada Adventure early and build the excitement. Can you please send me the following… ”