Bring your curriculum to life with Noukhada

This coming September when the new term begins, Noukhada Education will begin subject focused tours.
Along with our educational eco-tour which has been influential with schools and universities to bring out the importance of outdoor education, conservation and protection of our natural environment, we will give geography, biology, ecology, environmental science and environmental education departments an opportunity to take what is learnt in school and apply it in the actual environment.
There are numerous benefits to combining the outdoors with classroom learning when teaching teens. Outdoor settings are ideal for cross-curricular learning that can help students make connections; enhance their skills across different subjects and renew their enthusiasm. Students can also develop their interpersonal skills by getting to know their class and teacher better by sharing outdoor experiences.
From September, you will find on this page further details of specific tours that can be tailored to your curriculum and bring it to life.
If you feel your subject is perfect for an outdoor excursion, feel free to get in touch for a discussion of how we can implement it.


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