Taz, Topaz Uno, Topaz 14c

Noukhada Sailing started with Hobies and these remain an essential part of our fleet. 

The new range from Topper Sailboats joins the fleet and allows us to offer a more comprehensive service for lessons, experiences and rentals. 

Noukhada is the UAE (and Tanzania) agent for Topper Sailboats and these are for sale. www.toppersailboats.com




What boats are for sale?

We can sell any of the boats in the Topper Sailboats range.

It is best to look at the Topper sailboats website for details on the product range.    

The prices are available from the office. 

For larger quantities discounts are available.






Topaz Unos on the dock in Eastern Mangrove Marina









Topaz Uno






Topaz Uno Race











Topaz Uno Plus (Topaz Uno with jib)

Hobie 16 (with Topaz Uno in the background)

Topaz Uno

topaz 14

Topaz 14 C in foreground and Taz in background.






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