Zanzibar lead guide advert 3As a growing adventure, watersports and eco tourism company we are looking for people who can develop and grow with us, either full time or part time.   We are a privately owned and funded business, not a large corporation. We want to remain focused on what we do, do it well and do it safely.  Noukhada is a seasonal business with a decline in business over the hot summer months (Jun to Sep) and therefore people looking for unusual and adventurous employment in the UAE for nine months of the year are of interest to us. Noukhada  needs people with a sense of adventure, good customer service and experience in some, or all, of our activities.   If you can kayak or sail we are interested to hear from you and, if you are qualified in either, we are very interested to hear from you!  Do any of these words, to the left, resonate with you or make you think of a suitable candidate?  If so, please contact us for more details info@noukhada.ae. 

Current vacancies: Senior Guide Zanzibar; Senior Guide, Dragonboat; Kayak guides; and Sailing guides/ instructors

Job descriptions:

g1 – job description, senior guide zanzibar v1.1

senior guide dragonboat v1.2