Topaz Uno
Topaz Uno

Learn to sail with Noukhada Sailing. As a sailing business that aims to get sailors, and aspiring sailors, out on the UAE coastal waters safely, our focus is on practical, hands on, sailing lessons. We do not have levels that we guarantee to award you after so many days training. Either you can do it, or you can’t, but we will teach you how and, along the way, assess your skills.

How long does it take to learn to sail? This is a difficult one to answer because it really depends on the individual (you!).  We have never managed to teach anyone to sail safely in less than 4 hours and it takes, usually, 8 hrs.  However, beware, a few people never really get it.  We break our lessons down into four, 2 hr lessons, Lesson 1 to Lesson 4 (see table below).

Topaz Uno
Topaz Uno

What boat do we learn in?  The vast majority of teaching will be in our Topaz Unos boats.  The instructors might gather the whole group in an Omega for some lessons and might put some students in the smaller Taz but, most of the time it will be in Topaz Unos. 

When are the lessons?  Please look at the timetable below.  At the weekend (normally) L1 will be the first part of the afternoon and L2 the latter part.  L3 will be the first part of the afternoon and L4 the latter part. 

How big are the groups?  The group will never have more than 6 students.  You might be lucky and only have 1 person in the group (you!)

What do the lessons consist of?  In the spirit of transparency, below is an outline of the syllabus which is much more water based (sailing) than classroom based.

How long are the lessons? Each lesson is 2 hrs.


Each 2 hour scheduled lesson is AED 540.  Half a lesson, one hour, costs AED 300. 

How can I progress after L4?  As part of our continuous improvement programme we will not only upgrade L1 to L4 but have produced L5 to L8 to bring you up to a basic understanding of racing.  The upgrade L1 to L4 syllabus will be published soon and the new L5 to L8 soon after.



















How do I book? Ring or email the office or online