Wooden boats

At Noukhada we realized that we covered The Environment, The Sciences, Geography well, but needed to find a STEM project  |  We had to find a project that: covered Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”); was fun; and followed the Noukhada ethos  |  So, the Cocktail Class Racer, or Skua, was born  |  More details will follow as the project develops but the ultimate aim is to create a low environmental impact, one design, wooden powerboat racing association  |  We want the association to be open to anyone who will follow the class rules and wants to build the boat themselves  |  Eventually, the boat will be powered by an electric outboard motor (“OBM”) but we will have to start with the locally available 4 stroke OBM technology.

We will also develop a smaller, more accessible, radio control (“RC”) class which will be a miniature version of the larger Skua and be a more affordable introduction to the idea of building and racing your own boat.

The process of building the boats will cover all aspects of STEM and we see the project being of interest to schools as well as individuals  |  Being Noukhada, rather than import foreign wood, we have sought to repurpose old racing dhows and have found a keen advocate of the project and supplier of old, scrap,  racing dhows.


Our project and build Guru is John Stark.  He will supervise the build of the boats for Noukhada and will be available as a consultant for others to build their boats  |  Noukhada has discovered the wonders of  TechShop Abu Dhabi and will build the boats there and encourage others to do the same.

Cocktail Class Racing Association rules are being developed but will include:  licence fee for design; self build;  wooden boat;  one design with length, beam, draught dimensions; weight with tolerances;  specific engine type (eventually electric).   |   The Racing Association will then host a series of race events around Abu Dhabi.

To contact us and for more pictures and progress, please like our  Facebook page  where more updates will be posted.