Timings, Ramadan and summer

We have adjusted our tour and rental timings for Ramadan and the summer months afterwards (27 May to 30 Aug)  |  In simple terms, the tours are early morning or late afternoon/ evening with nothing between mid morning and mid afternoon  |  Rentals are available all day long and have been extended into the evening for those who have kayaked with us before  |  For rentals please try and book in advance or email the office because we can bring kayaks to the E48 launch point on request most times of the day  |      Tours  |  6am sun rise tour, EMM  |   7am mangrove tour EMM  |  5pm mangrove tour E48  |  6pm sunset tour EMM  |  7pm night tour EMM  |  8pm night light tour  |      Tours with meals  |   Evening kayak tour with dinner, Yas Links, book   |     Evening kayak tour with dinner, Flooka, boo |           Rentals  |  Kayaks  |  SUP  |   Hobie Eclipse  |  Sailboats   |  book   |      Locations  |  EMM = Eastern Mangrove Marina, launchpoint  E48 = E48 launch point