The adventure

This is a 6 hour distance paddle with two rest stops before arriving at the Noukhada Eco Island camp site for our overnight camp.   On Eco Island you cook for yourself and everyone is self-sufficient so make sure you know how to pack a sea kayak (and if you don’t then do our Introduction to Coastal Sea Kayaking course). In the morning and after a hearty breakfast over our re-kindled fire, we paddle an hour to our recovery beach from our sailing location at Al Bahia.

As with all our tours, Trips and expeditions we are travelling through a habitat rich in wildlife and if we are lucky you will meet some of its inhabitants. The mini expedition starts at our E48 launch point, we overnight on the Noukhada Eco Island and we complete our adventure at the Noukhada sailing launch point at Al Bahia.

Required Skills: BCU 2* or above or completion of Noukhada Introduction to Coastal Sea Kayaking course. We will need to see your certificate on booking please.

What you will need to bring:

Suggested: Sun glasses; Personal medication; Binoculars & camera (waterproof); and dry bags

Compulsory: Sunhat; Food snacks; Water (suggest 6L minimum); Light weight clothing that can get wet – layer your clothing for warmth & ‘venting’ for cooling; ‘Wet’ footwear; Bag for refuse; Spare Clothes (long sleeves and legs for evening); Eating utensils (plate, mug, fork, knife and spoon); Sleeping bag; Sleeping mat; Tent/ Bivvy bag; Wash kit, tooth brush, tooth paste.

A full kit list will be forwarded to all exhibition paddlers prior to the launch date.

Timing: tbc

Length of adventure: 1.5 days

Meeting point: E48 launch point (normally)

Transport: Noukhada will provide transport from the recovery location back to the launch location. So you can park your car at E48 launch point.

Equipment: All kayaking equipment included (single or double sea kayak, paddle, lifejacket, towline).  You can bring your own equipment but no change on price. You will need your own camping equipment (sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent).

Food and drink: Only water, hot drinks and breakfast provided.   Please bring your own snacks, evening meal and drink

Price: AED 800 pp


What next? Noukhada is happy to help you develop longer expeditions in the UAE.

Please note: Kayaking Expeditions by their nature are demanding and will require commitment from you as a expedition member. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.