Battlefield Tours

image002Noukhada has partnered with the Military Historian and Battlefield Guide, Toby McLeod to provide something very different and land-based in Oman.

The Jebel Akhdar Rebellion Battlefield Tour

The five-day tour includes the following elements:

  • The use of road and off-road routes pre-selected and tested by our team to reach unparalleled locations where the progress of the campaign can be viewed, photographed and walked over
  • Cultural and historical introduction to the Jebel Akhdar region, usually including witness statements by local tribesmen and first-hand experience of the unique social and anthropological setting of the dramatic events themselves
  • An interlinked series of lectures, seminars and briefings both in and outdoors that together provide a range and breadth of knowledge vital to comprehend the course and outcome of the campaign
  • Map and field based exercises to test and expand participants’ knowledge of terrain, troops and tactics involved in this specialist type of fighting
  • Long and short hikes over the battlefield leading to viewpoints and locations that enhance understanding of the physical and military challenges met and overcome by the SAF, SAS and other troops involved
  • A unique chance to appreciate the breath-taking scenery, rare flora and fauna and special climate of Oman’s Jebel Akhdar while undertaking this historical tour

img_1896Military clients have the option, with additional monetary and time implications, to add the following extra components to reach identified training objectives, in consultation with our specialist armed forces training team:

  • Counter Insurgency – the Petraeus Doctrine
  • Use of Command, Control, Computing and Intelligence techniques in this type of conflict
  • Application of Human Intelligence, Psyops, and cultural aspects
  • Manoeuvre in the desert/mountain environment
  • Special consideration of the application of fire (indirect weapons)
  • Mobility and Counter-Mobility and Survivability in hostile environments
  • Air Assets including fixed-wing, helo and UAV systems
  • Combat Service Support in difficult terrain

For more detail on the above click here.

All mapping, study materials and digital support is provided at the point of booking and payment via .pdf or similar means

The tour does not include:

  • Accommodation, however we do provide advice on camping and hotels in the area
  • 4WD vehicles, but we do provide details of vetted companies proving 4WD vehicles (compulsory) and drivers
  • Meals. Nonetheless drinking water is provided in your own refillable containers, as are refreshments and snacks at certain checkpoints
  • Fitness training, which will be needed to undertake the rather strenuous walking and climbing (scrambling over rocks only) involved

General Outline of the Itinerary: Muscat; Nizwa; Sayq Plateau; Al Ayn; As Sawjrah; Ar Rus; Wadi Bani Habib; Tanuf and Wadi Tanuf

Price: AED 29,500 for up to 20 participants.  Smaller or larger groups should contact the office at

Noukhada will be developing a second battlefield tour to cover the 1970s Dhofar Rebellion.  This tour will be available in early 2017.