Archery Tag

archery tag2Tarchery tag jasonhe most fun you can have with a bow and arrow  |   Archery Tag is a brand new sport in the UAE  |   It is the newest and hottest family friendly combat sport that can be played indoors or out and utilizes archery with patented foam tipped arrows to play the game  |   Players divide into two teams and use inflatable bunkers as shields, to win you must be the first team to knock out the centers of the 5 spot target on the opponent’s side of the field or tag out each of the opposing team members by shooting them  |   Virtually no pain, Leaves no mess, Highly addictive fun, Unique activity  |   Brilliant for schools groups, Perfect for festivals and events, Great for hen and stag party’s, Many games to choose from.

AmCham Certificate of Appreciation 2016

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