Noukhada Rewards


This discount scheme is designed to thank and reward the schools [1] that keep coming back to Noukhada.  The 10% vouchers are for the use of teachers, pupils and parents of the school.

Joining requirements
In order to join the scheme, the school must fulfil these requirements:

  • Must have given Noukhada at least AED 3,000 worth of business in one calendar year; and
  • Noukhada must have received the amount as payment before any cards are issued; and
  • The AED 3,000 must be invoiced through the school, not a private individual; and
  • The school must nominate a contact person to receive, handle and issue the cards, within the school.

Issuing of cards
If the criteria above are met, then one card for every AED 100 (beyond the AED 3,000 already spent with Noukhada) will be issued to the nominated person by the Manager Noukhada Education.  The cards will be marked to indicate which school they belong to.
The rules for use of the card are:

  • The card is valid only the stated calendar year and can only be redeemed in that year;
  • The card gives 10% off any Noukhada activity[2];
  • The card cannot be used with any other discount scheme or Noukhada Education sessions (they are already heavily discounted!);
  • The card cannot be used on UAE public holidays;
  • One person can use a maximum of one card on any one activity (ie 10% discount);
  • The method of distribution of the cards within the school are entirely the responsibility of the school; and
  • The cards are not to be issued or resold to persons outside of the school[3].

[1] By ‘schools’ we mean schools, colleges or universities (educational establishments).
[2] Activity, not: retail items; club membership; membership nor storage.
[3] The scheme includes teachers, pupils and parents of ‘the school’.